About Us

Our mission is to provide for:


We've aligned ourselves with a best-in-class marketing agency with over 15 years’ experience in the Medicare space. It’s a remarkable asset that consistently drives qualified traffic to True Choice, which will in turn benefit you.


True Choice has over 10 years of proven experience building high-volume contact centers that produce results. We recruit qualified, licensed sales agents and work closely with major health carriers and agencies across the country.


Our cloud-based telephone/lead management platform, combined with comprehensive analytics, allows True Choice to scale rapidly while maximizing profitability.

Who We Are

Core Objectives

  • To build an exciting and dynamic work environment that changes the way agency/broker relationships work.
  • To help seniors easily navigate their most important and complex decisions regarding healthcare coverage.

Our Key to Success

High volume enrollments are produced by highly experienced Licensed Health Agents with exceptional listening skills, patience, kindness and solution-driven thinking required for seniors who may be confused by the complexities of Medicare.

True Choice hand-selects its incredible agents from True Choice's rapidly growing pool of Licensed Health Agents it attracts through year-round, work-at-home positions with competitive compensation and powerful lead sources. Its energized culture is fostered by leadership, with intense listening skills, who regularly schedule virtual town meetings with their agents to monitor the changing marketplace and make timely adjustments. Agent productivity increases substantially when they take ownership for improving their personal performance.